DeepSea Quality Consulting Inc.

Godfried Dekeyser, the founder and president of DeepSea Quality, recognized the need for technical superiority in a specialized consultancy after active involvement in project quality management within the nuclear construction and oil & gas industries in Europe and the United States since 1963.

For the past 15 years, DeepSea Quality has been dedicated to ensuring quality in the manufacture of subsea and top side equipment; and execution of offshore completions.

The core of our company is comprised of a select team of highly technical and experienced consultants. They work alongside our clients within their project teams to provide guidance on all quality issues. We have expertize in quality; materials, welding, NDE, coating, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), and Systems Integration Testing (SIT). We have extensive experience with flowlines, risers, subsea trees; umbilicals; controls, and associated subsea equipment, as well as top side equipment. Acting inside project teams, DeepSea Quality has been involved in dozens of deep-water projects in the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa and the Mediterranean, as well as two shallow-water offshore projects in the Alaska North Slope.

In addition, DeepSea Quality offers access to a global network of highly skilled quality control professionals. We have built this network by selecting only tried-and-true specialists with a proven track record of delivering success. These professionals have years of experience performing source inspection at equipment vendors, as well as working on construction sites, spoolbases and offshore vessels.

Current clients have come to expect reduced exposures to constructability conflicts; missed operations; unexpected cost over-runs related to quality or lack thereof; and unnecessary schedule delays. We strive to prevent our clients from unknowingly accepting nonconforming equipment and materials headed for deep-water or critical service where the philosophy of "repair or replace" is just not an option.

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