Whether installed via Reel Lay, S-Lay or J-Lay, we can help ensure compliance with all applicable industry codes and government regulations. We have extensive experience with the following for single flowlines, SCRs and pipe-in-pipe systems:

  • Manufacture of linepipe from various pipe mills worldwide, including Tenaris, Sumitomo and V&M.
  • Qualification of welding and NDE procedures in accordance with API, DNV and project specifications.
  • Overseeing production welding at various spoolbase sites in the USA, Norway and Africa: as well as onboard several installation vessels.

Subsea Valves

Welding Procedure Qualification

Subsea valves are designed for performance in some of the harshest environments in the deepest water. We have experience in ensuring subsea valves meet all industry (NACE MR0175, AP Spec 6A & 17D, ASME, ANSI) and project specific requirements.

Manifolds, PLETs and

Rigid and Flexible Subsea Flowlines and Risers

We have extensive experience with a wide range of equipment. The following illustrates a sample of our expertize:

Umbilicals provide vital connections between subsea equipment and platforms or floating production systems, enabling control from the surface. Whether steel or thermoplastic, our team of professionals has extensive experience with the manufacture of hundreds of miles of umbilicals worldwide from all major manufacturers, including Technip, Oceaneering and Aker. Our inspectors are some of the most experienced in the industry on seam welded tubing as well as seamless tubing. Our expertize extends to tubing and electrical components from around the world. 

Whether for a brand new development, subsea tie-back or modification to existing field, subsea structures such as Manifolds, PLETs and Jumpers are key pieces of subsea architecture. We understand the challenges and stringent requirements needed for fabrication of components for subsea applications. We are well versed in the generation of specifications and oversight of material procurement, fabrication, welding, NDE, coating and FAT/SIT. We are also very familiar with the operations of most of the major fabricators of such items in the GoM and have been involved with successful fabrication and installation in dozens of projects.

Whether anti-corrosion or flow assurance coating, we can aid with development of coating specifications, PQT/PPT and production oversight. Our team has experience with both onshore and offshore pipelines, as well as many structural applications. 

NDE Qualification / Auditing


Umbilicals, Umbilical Tubing & Electrical Cabling

Flex and stress joints are among the most critical pieces of subsea equipment. We have expertize in providing guidance throughout all stages of design and manufacture of these items, including material specification and selection, manufacturing/machining, welding/NDE and FAT/SIT. We have experience with joints sourced from both Oil States Industries and RTI/Alcoa. 

Coating / Insulation

Flexibles & Stress/Flex Joints

Our team has the experience to ensure that, whatever the application, all skids will be delivered to specification. We have experience in overseeing all stages of manufacture, including material procurement, welding procedure qualifications (if needed), fabrication, coating and testing.

Another critical piece of subsea architecture, subsea trees have a wide range of functions, usually most importantly control of flow out of or into the well. Tree complexity has increased over the last few decades and they are frequently manufactured from blocks of steel containing multiple valves, spools and fittings. Together, our team has overseen successful fabrication and delivery of hundreds trees from all major manufacturers, including FMC, Cameron-OneSubSea and Aker.


Material Testing


Whatever your needs or application, our team of consultants are well versed with a wide range of testing, including chemical analysis, mechanical testing, corrosion testing, fracture mechanics testing and PMI.

We have experience executing hundreds of welding procedure qualifications within the oil and gas sector. No matter what the application or materials involved, we can guide you through the entire process, from planning and materials/consumable procurement to welding and testing. Our team is extremely versed in all industry codes and specifications, including ASME, API, DNV and AWS.

Subsea Trees

In the fast-paced oil and gas industry where part failure is not an option, DeepSea QCI has the expertize to ensure that all forged parts are fit-for-purpose. We understand the need for unique specialized items. We have developed formal requirements/specifications to supplement recognized industry codes for manufacture of such forgings. With more and more challenging applications, we can provide guidance to ensure that the right requirements are specified and met whether for off-the-shelf items or more critical applications, including riser/stress joints, hang-off collars and anchor forgings.

Ensuring weld inspection is being carried out correctly and in accordance with relevant industry standards can often be overlooked. However, this is often just as critical as oversight of the welding itself. We have extensive experience in all the most commonly employed NDE methods in the industry: MT, PT, RT and UT (both manual and automated). In particular, our team can offer all technical guidance needed from qualification to production when employing automated UT (AUT) for pipeline welds. 

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