DeepSea Quality Consulting Inc.

Quality Control

• AWS SCWI and CWI inspectors (or equivalent for international locations)

• NDE Level II and III inspectors, including AUT auditors

• NACE Level II and III inspectors

• Pipe Mill inspectors

• Umbilical inspectors

• Duplex and Super Duplex Tubing inspectors

• Electrical Cable inspectors

• Controls inspectors

• Subsea Valve inspectors

• Subsea Tree inspectors

• Forging inspectors

• Spoolbase/Offshore Vessels inspectors

Quality control professionals are the front line in ensuring that client specifications are being adhered to on site. DeepSea Quality offers access to a global network of highly skilled quality control professionals in key strategic areas. We have built this network by selecting only tried-and-true specialists with a proven track record of delivering success. These professionals have years of experience performing source inspection at equipment vendors, as well as working on construction sites, spoolbases and offshore vessels. We offer: